Welcome to Floresville!

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Floresville is located about 30 miles southeast of San Antonio. Floresville was settled in 1833 by Canary Island immigrant Don Francisco Flores de Abrego for whom the town is named. The town with an area of 5.4 square miles was incorporated in 1890 and is the county seat of Wilson County. Floresville is a small Texas town of around 7,000 residents, excellent schools, and the home to many churches. The town is also surrounded by some 54 subdivisions.

Overview of Floresville City Parks

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Over the years Floresville developed 8 Parks and a Hike and Bike Trail. In 2012 the City completed a City of Floresville Master Plan and in 2015 commissioned a Floresville Parks Master Plan for 2015-2025 to give direction regarding the future development and planning of the City's parks.

The Master Plan was to evaluate what was available to the public in the parks system and then to evaluate the condition of each park and equipment available. Finally, the goal of this evaluation was to establish a level of high quality parks throughout the City, in particular by upgrading and maintaining the existing City of Floresville Parks to the highest level.

This website contains information about each park, including park's purpose, the existing acreage, park classification, and existing park amenities and their condition, plus recommendations for potential additions and/or improvements to existing equipment.