City River Park

Located on Highway 97 west of the city bordering the San Antonio River. Covers an area of 33.10 Acres

Proposed Maintenance

Plans call for some of the amenities in this park to be updated or replaced.
•Fire Pits, 4 — 2 to be replaced with grilling stations
•Picnic Tables (wood), 13 — Most have to be resurfaced
•Grills, 9  — To be replaced
•Picnic Tables (concrete), 6 — To be resurfaced
•Pavilions, 2 — Access paths to be added
•Baseball and Softball Field — required future action due to the soil
•Restrooms, 2 — Need to become ADA compliant
•T-Ball and Practice fields — need accessible connections to parking.

Some of the playing fields are questionable due to possible injury to players because of the holes in the field being caused by the soil. Plans are underway to relocate the Baseball fields.